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'The world desperately needs an Age of Wisdom, and the workplaces would be an inspirational place to start'
-Ricardo Semler
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Loony Intelligence Loony Intelligence - How to Survive During Emotional and Economic Upheaval: This is an intelligent, entertaining examination of society and provides some practical solutions for the reader, no matter who that reader is. The philosophical underpinnings are clear, easy to follow, and well supported. The author’s argument is a good one, and it is phrased in an engaging, nonjudgmental way. Modern artists like Seal are mentioned in the same sentence with Mozart, but the use makes sense and is especially in line with the authors respect for different cultures and for authenticity. It also makes her point of view seem more relevant and fun. The use of the interviews lends a practical peek into her philosophy in action. It is interesting to observe people talking about the importance of creativity in their lives.
---Editing Author

Stress and Loony Intelligence: Stress in the workplace costs businesses and the health services billions in lost working hours and medical treatment all over the world. Successful people generally perform better under stress. Then again, this is the average stress essential to achieve our goals. Excessive stress on the other hand causes physical and mental illnesses and needs to be managed. The book supplies some practical solutions for the reader to alleviate stress. The activities in the book are broad in scope, afford flexibility, and can be fitted into your daily routine. Some of the activities take only a few minutes and others can be practiced whilst sitting in front of your TV, in meetings or while being a passenger on a bus, train or in a car. Individuals, who have incorporated these simple activities into their daily schedule, have felt a marked improvement in their ability to deal with stress.

‘Loony Intelligence’ is an essential read for all employees, managers and business leaders!'

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Lieselotte Badenhorst

Dr Lieselotte Badenhorst is a chartered industrial psychologist and a senior lecturer specializing in organisational development. She says we can all live happier lives. “We waste so much time living in the past or in the future that we forget to live in the present moment.”
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